First day of something new

First days are always sticking out in my mind. i remember my first day of school, first day at uni as my parents left, and my first day having moved from usa to the uk. today is another one of those days. Having put equator behind me, today is my first day on the job –which is looking for a new job.

the creature of habit that i am, i did this morning the same as i have been doing for the past year. i was up at 6. although, this time, slightly anxious, i started thinking about getting ready for work. only this time i didnt have to hustle to a train station to spend an hour sitting with strangers i know very well.

today, i leisurely made my way to the arm chair with two pieces of toast and some peppermint tea. my work day started with my feet up, slippers on, and pixel on my lap.

I must admit, it still doesn’t feel right. On most other days i would be completely comfortable with a hot cup of tea, the comforts of home, pixel on my lap. For some reason though, not today.

There were times where i wished the decision to leave eqtr would be made for me. I remember thinking it would make it so much easier to leave the coworkers whom i enjoyed working with more than they’ll ever know. of course these thoughts would quickly be dashed by my sense of reality and my desire to pay my bills. i am sure my fantasy about being forced to leave eqtr came mostly when i was on a late train back to edinburgh only to get up a few hours later and go back.

nonetheless, there is alot to be done today. It is almost 9 am. I better get crackin. 🙂



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